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The great folks from the Junglist Network popped by and wanted us to produce their screen printed merchandise for their online store.

These where to be sold and shipped out to the their growing fan base in the jungle music scene.

With our in-house screen print facilities and team of expert screen printers, we could produce the high quality garments they where looking for.

Scroll down below to see our screen print process and the awesome results we managed to achieve!


Film Printing

Film printing


Silk Screen Making

Silk screen making


Screen Printing Process

Screen printing process


Screen printed t-shirts coming of the dryer

Screen printed t-shirts coming of the dryer


Final screen print result

Detail shot from the final product


Gold Shimmer Screen Printing Ink

Loading gold shimmer screen printing ink


Serial Killaz screen printed with gold shimmer ink

T-shirt drying process



Detail of the final print


Tagging & Bagging

Tagging & Bagging


Like what you see? Check out the Junglist Network online store here!

Learn more about screen printing at Vektor.

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